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Valentine Day Icons

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Feb. 12th, 2015 | 09:05 pm
posted by: furriboots in furriboots_home

It has been a while but here are a few icons for Valentine's Day!

All icons are fully shareable.

 photo x_zps589a54dc.png  photo i_zps33f2c716.png  photo b2_zps617de399.png

 photo w_zps6c644c50.png  photo z_zps20a55eac.png   photo y_zpsd6a1e85e.png  photo q_zpsdb865877.png  photo u_zps1dee90bd.png

 photo t_zps5ebaa984.png  photo v_zps114eadc8.png  photo s_zps6c27c1ef.png  photo k_zpse32e5d5c.png  photo m_zps1e77282b.png

 photo h_zps3f37f9c0.png  photo i2_zps932f807d.png  photo h2_zpsd1361c23.png  photo e_zps47a085d9.png  photo d2_zps5a5e8e53.png

 photo o_zpsbfa5defa.png  photo c2_zpsaad8c5bf.png  photo b2_zps617de399.png  photo p_zpsb5de6207.png  photo k2_zpsbed7c6ce.png

 photo r_zpsd818237c.png  photo l2_zpsdec266ef.png  photo f2_zps943637f7.png  photo d_zpsade55137.png  photo b_zps8ba5282a.png

 photo c_zpsd3e8518a.png  photo f_zps3c757bc9.png  photo n_zps22dff530.png  photo l_zpscdb545b4.png  photo j_zpsa8efff4d.png

 photo j2_zpsf507fc44.png  photo g2_zps775e37e3.png  photo x_zps589a54dc.png  photo b2_zps617de399.png  photo i_zps33f2c716.png

 photo e2_zps3ec4472d.png  photo a_zps289f3c1e.png  photo a2_zps1f57bdc6.png

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Comments {6}


from: lucilla27
date: Feb. 13th, 2015 10:06 pm (UTC)

What a beautiful batch of icons.
I am saving many and promise to credit when I use.

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